Baby Barn

Folly Farm Day Nursery opened a new baby room which we call our 'Baby Barn' September 2015. We can take children from aged 6 months up to 2 years with the flexibility of moving down to the Orchard (down stairs 18 months to 5 years) at 18 months. Our Baby Barn is based in two rooms in the upstairs area. One room is carpeted the other vinyl flooring. We can accommodate 9 babies per session. 


The baby barn offers a home from home environment for children, with only taking 9 children at any one time we can offer a very personalise childcare service. We have a highly qualified and dedicated team throughout our nursery. We value each family that come to us and are happy to help at any time.


In the Baby Barn we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage which is curriculum from birth all the way to the end of reception. With children under 2 years the emphasis is to focus on the 3 prime areas of learning, communications and language, physical development and personal, social and emotional development. We also include the other 4 areas of learning in our planning and through the resources we offer, therefore covering the whole curriculum. We offer holistic and sensory play activities to meet individual needs and continue to focus on the unique child. We look at different characteristics of learning in each child to be able to plan activities that will keep the children engaged.


Before children start with us at the Baby Barn we hold a meet and greet session. During the meet and greet session we chat about your child and your routine at home. We also cover where they are best fitting in development and the approaches taken to weaning/eating. We like to know as much as possible so we can follow your home routine making happy children and parents!


Our routine at Baby Barn is flexible to suit individuall children's needs. We have snacks in the morning at around 10am and in the afternoon at 3pm. Lunch is served at 12noon and Tea is served at 5pm. Snack and meal times are an important and valued part of the routine. Snack time choice is given with fresh and dried fruits, vegetable sticks, and rice cakes. The children have snacks sat all together to promote them engaging socially. Water is always available in beakers with pictures of themselves to help them recognise self-idenitity. All meals are cooked fresh on the premises by our cook Jenny. Food is bought weekly and meat is purchased from the local butchers. 


During each day we go out at least once. This can be either in the garden area or on woodland walk in our double buggies.

Story time and singing time are an important part of our day. We include this whenever possible and use photos and puppets relevant to the story or song.



Folly Farm Baby Barn

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